League for Mental Health, Slovakia


We have anonymous and free Advisory service Nezábudka for the public where professionals offer information and consultation to those who were too shy to go to see their local psychiatrist or psychologist.

The Motivation Center Nezábudka offers programs for the mentally ill people and their families.

Gallery Nezábudka supports creative people who are mentally ill, introducing their work to the public through exhibitions and is gradually building a collection of their artworks.

Every autumn, during the International Day of Mental Health, the League organizes an informational campaign throughout Slovakia, called Mental Health Days, connected to the public fundraiser Dni Nezábudiek (Days of Forget-me-not). The proceeds support better conditions for mentally ill people in all regions of Slovakia and helps them integrate into regular life.

The league also organizes educational projects for young children and students, Zippy’s Friends, Mental Health at High Schools. Our educational activities provide information about mental health and mental illnesses. We also collaborate with specialists who inform the public through the press and through interviews on TV and radio. Lastly, we publish informational leaflets to share important information that helps our society break down its prejudices about mental illnesses.

 Help us to get rid of the myths and preconceptions, so mentally ill people can live better lives!